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Mt. Rainier (Washington High Peak)

I'm planning on completing this trek in June 2023 and will update this section as I use more resources.  

Quick Links:

Route (Summer Summit): 

Using the climbing brief this is a flow chart I created of the Disappointment Cleaver Route that includes important information. The last page of this document has a summarized flow chart of the main locations/navigations with elevation.  

Below is the climbing brief I found on the Mt. Rainier National Park Service website.. This is the edited version where I utilized color coding to be able to quickly identify different sections of important text. 

An original version of this document as well as other briefs on climbing routes can be found at under Climbing Briefs on the 

Red: Danger/Reason to Abort Climb

Blue: Equipment

Yellow: Basic Information

Purple: Physical Fitness & Technical Approach

Dark Purple: Next Steps after reading brief

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