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Included in this pdf is a short narrative on my teaching and the principles and theories behind it. It explains how the core values I hold about education inform my practice as a teacher.

Teaching Philosophy Statement

This document is a brief narrative statement describing what roles I have served in my career as an educator. 

Teaching Responsibilities Statement

This template will soon hold material associated with, "Science Communication for Students Studying Science" with an explanatory rationale.

Sample Lesson Plans

Located here are assignments and assessments associated with, "Science Communication for Students Studying Science" with a rationale explaining the connection between each and my philosophy of teaching. 

Sample Assignment Description

This is a full descriptive proposal for a new course called "Science Communication for Students Studying Science". Included in this document are: descriptions, logistics, student learning goals, schedule of topics, assignments, methods of instructions, and required readings.

Original Course Proposal

Included in this document is a syllabus with an accompanying rationale showcasing how this syllabus structures the kind of teaching and learning I value, and how the work manifests in my classes.

Course Syllabus

Written comments and evaluative scoring from students have been compiled with an accompanying explanation of how this feedback informs my teaching. 

Student Feedback
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