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Three Sisters

I'm planning on completing these treks in June 2023 and will update this section as I use more resources.  

Middle Sister

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There are two starting trails for Middle Sister the west and the east approach. The west approach is closed November through June and the preferred seasons for the east approach are Spring and Summer. There are two websites for the Three Sisters Wilderness on the USFS. I suggest using the one for the Deschutes National Forest. I called the Sisters Ranger District (5415497700) and they were not able to provide much information about winter summits. On the weather forecast link above, if you scroll down to the green square on the right you can click on the area you'd like it to generate a forecast for you. 

North Sister

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There are three routes for North Sister: the East, West, and the North Face Route. The east approach starts at the Pole Creek Trailhead. This trail is open year around. The west approach starts at the Obsidian trailhead. This trailhead is only open from June until October. Either approach will combine into one trail once you reach the south ridge. This                       gives a step-by-step approach for North Sister. North Sister is technical mountaineer where pitches and climbing will be needed.

South Sister

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