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Mountaineering is one of my favorite hobbies! This page is an on-going site for how I've affordably learned the necessary skills and attributes to being a successful mountaineer. My goal is this page is a useful resource and starting point to help you get into the sport of mountaineering. I tried to be as complete as I could, but this is not a comprehensive list for all things mountaineering.

Mountaineering Adventures

The Cascade mountains are a chain of volcanoes created from a subduction zone out in the Pacific Ocean. These volcanoes are considered mountains because of their range in biodiversity and having peaks over 9,000ft. To learn more about the mountains click here:                                                    The majority of these peaks are tightly regulated because of their erosive nature and accessibility. This is also where I practiced many of my skills in mountaineering! If you'd like to explore peaks I've climbed in this range please click the picture.

General Equipment

Technical Skills


Mensuration and Mountaineering

As a woman mountaineer I haven't had many issues with physical activity and mensuration. I grew up playing sports and was a collegiate basketball player. I was conditioned to normalize the pain physical activity adds to menses. As with most things in mountaineering the mental stamina to endure uncomfortable situations that are long and drawn out are apart of the sport. I have experience menstruation directly before and during a trek. The lack of blood may cause more variations in symptoms and increase susceptibility to acute mountain sickness.  with the exposure on the mountain there may be a lack of privacy so I'd suggest taking this into account when deciding your brand of menses products. 

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