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Mt. Adams (2nd Highest Peak in Washington)

Mt. Adams is a great beginner summit for mountaineering! This was the first volcano I climbed in the Cascades. I did this summit with one other person and it took us 3 days. It's definitely doable to complete the entire trek in one or two days depending on your fitness level and severity of acute mountain sickness (AMS).  The information below are the resources I used to climb Mt. Adams in June 2021.


I had no navigation issues using this route link. To get to the trail head the directions features on this link were exact.  During the hike the trail was marked with the post, (shown in the picture) up to Lunch Counter. After that there is no designated trail because you're mainly walking straight up.


There are three permits I had to get to summit Mt. Adams.  

1. Parking permit $5.00 (pay at trailhead) - can use Northwest Forest Service Permit

2. Background Permit - Free - self-issued at trail head

3. Climbing Permit (only needed if you plan to summit) $15.00 - I had to buy this permit online prior to arriving. Instead of printing it off I stored a picture on my phone

There were park rangers on Mt. Adams the entire time I was there. They only checked my climbing permit as I approached and started to head above Lunch Counter.​

Equipment Used (Summer Summit)

1. Backpack ( L)

2. Tent (2 person - 3 season Tent)

3. Sleeping Bag (15F)

4. Pillow

5. Mattress Pad

6. Stove (JetBoil) 

7. Food

8. Water Filter

9. Water Bottle (Camelback)

10. Ice Axe

11. Crampons

12. Rain Gear

13. Multiple Layers of Clothing

14. Sunscreen 

15. Hiking Boots 

16. Helmet 

17. Trekking Poles

18. Head Lamp

19. Garmin

20. Gaitors

21. Utensils

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