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Pathologist Assistant

Living in a vehicle wasn't anything I was turned off to, but it also wasn't something I thought I

Mitsubishi Conversion

The following are the biggest lesson I learned while living in the Mitisubishi for 3 months without converting it into a better living space (meaning just folding the seats down and having a mattress pad on top of it). 

1. Having blinds is very helpful for feeling safe and privacy

2. Sometimes it gets really hot and I'm to scared to leave a window open so having vents that go into your window are very helpful

3. Getting a Planet Fitness pass is an easy way to take showers no matter where you are at

4. Eating McDonalds every day is a cheap option but my stomach began to hurt so it is a necessity to be able to keep food cold so its worth the investment to get a nice cooler.

5. Having a cooler that needs ice sucks so getting an electrical setup makes life easier 

6. There are so many bathrooms that are gross. I recommend libraries and restaurants over public parks

7. I pee a lot.... investing in a pee funnel or having a portable toilet would be nice.

So the reason I decided to convert my Mitsubishi instead of renovating a larger van is because I don't like how loud vans are. I don't like the attracted attention. I want to stay as low key as possible. I think having the option to put the seats back in my vehicle and convert it to its original form was an option I wanted to have.  

Truck Shells

The one thing I didn't want to sacrifice in my vehicle was 4WD. For a while I thought maybe a truck with a hard-shell top was the way to go.                           was an option I considered as they are custom design and fit shells for trucks. 

GlobalX Vehicles

                                           are awesome! I have concerns about parking in towns and road access/clearance. The price tags are also very high. However for overseas travel I think these vehicles could be very useful and make life and travel comfortable. 

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